The Sunday Afternoon Ride

Situation 26

(This situation is based on an actual event)

Peter was going slower but the bag was still across his visor and he was still blind.

Peter's first reaction was to relax the throttle while reaching quickly with the left hand to remove bag. To see how difficult that is, try turning Bible pages while wearing touring gloves.

Peter couldn't feel the bag, much less grab it.

Next, Peter wipes his glove across his helmet from side-to-side to move the bag... that didn't work either - the wind had the bag glued to his helmet.

Perhaps a full second has elapsed now (probably a lot less, but time does funny things when you're in the barrel) and Peter hears the first horn - the Cadillac to his right.

Peter didn't know if he was honking at the truck ahead, the sun above, or at him.

Peter assumed it was at him because he was probably swinging wide through the turn.

So Peter:

a) braked

b) steered left (left hand still flailing at the helmet)

c) panicked