The Sunday Afternoon Ride


Situation 23

The dog, suddenly finding itself the hunted rather than the hunter,was terrified and headed home as fast as its four legs would carry it.

Peter chased it right up the driveway of the house where it lived and, when a guy in a dirty singlet stepped out of the front door and was nearly knocked over by the dog as it hurtled inside, Peter stopped, raised his visor and said with a NICE smile:

"I thought you would rather I chased it home than have it knock me off my bike and land you with the costs of repairing $10,000 worth of motorbike."

Then Peter lowered his visor, u-turned in the driveway, and rode out onto the street knowing that that was one dog that would not chase another bike in a hurry.

Peter came to the intersection at the end of the street.

As he came up to the Yield sign, he lined his bike up to stop in:

a) the side of the lane nearest the sidewalk.

b) the middle of the lane

c) in the part of the lane the outside wheels of a car traverse