The Sunday Afternoon Ride


Situation 13

As the rag went down the glass, he flicked the dip switch. Yep, the headlight was OK. As he dropped the rag onto the nearby workbench he noticed how dirty the headlight glass had been. Lucky he had cleaned it. You can lose over 50% of the light's efficiency even if it is only mildly dirty. Turning on the ingnition, the kill switch, the neighbour, and the radio; engaging the clutch, the brake lever, and the neighbour's daughter in conversation; opening the throttle a trifle and the front gate the whole way; adjusting his seating position, the radio volume, his foot to sit on the instep, his arms to be slightly bent, and his head to be slightly inclined sideways to ease the ache in his neck caused by too much passion on a draughty floor, Peter hit the starter button. The engine started and then died. He tried again. The bike wouldn't start. He tried again. Nothing. Was it flooded?