The Sunday Afternoon Ride


Situation 10

Oh dear, Peter had forgotten to check the tyres. So he climbed off the bike again. He had heard that the tread depth should be the depth of a match head but he had used up all his matches last night when Susan, a girlfriend, came round (in more ways than one). The candle he was using for romantic lighting kept going out and he had to keep relighting it. He thought Susan was blowing it out purposefully but she said she wasn't, it was just the KFC working. Anyway, after he ran out of matches they just stayed in the dark and had to do everything by feel. As the memory came to mind, it came to mind that he had to get his leather trousers worked on so they weren't so tight. This all led quite clearly to his next thought. "Good rubber is essential to ensuring a trouble-free ride", so he checked his tyres by: